Before Success Live CE (formerly ClienTell CE) established the wholesaler live CE presentation market in 1990, the insurance industry had not had the foresight to combine continuing education with usable, practical information, technical knowledge and product features and benefits. Thus, insurance and securities continuing education had been one of the greatest, untapped, and ignored marketing resources available.

The following resources are available to you from Success Live CE:

Quick instructor, course and provider approvals
Your wholesaling teams and executives can be approved to present Live CE presentations within 30-60 days.

Live Insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC, CIMA, MCLE and CPA Continuing Education Presentations
We provide turnkey courses that include study materials and a PowerPoint presentation. The courses are available for insurance CE, CFP, CLU and ChFC credits in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as well as CPE credit for CPAs. Documentation for FINRA firm element requirements can also be provided. MCLE credit for attorneys can be requested as well. We are the provider in all jurisdictions and your company can use these courses without minimum or maximum order limitations.

Custom Course Creation
Our curriculum team is able to take your company content and create customized CE courses to better suit your company needs.

All Administrative Services for Your Live Insurance, CFP, CLU/ChFC, CIMA, MCLE and CPA Courses
If your company wishes to write and deliver your own continuing education courses, Success Live CE will act as Provider, submitting all necessary materials and applications for approval to the State Departments of Insurance. Success Live CE will provide this service to your company on a proprietary basis, allowing your instructors/wholesalers the benefit to deliver custom designed workshops tailored to meet your specific marketing and promotional needs.

Customizing a program to meet your exact needs will incur a varying cost. Success Live CE will help you design your own course(s), create the entire course for your company, or simply act as a Provider.

Consulting Services
Success Live CE advises clients on strategy for using live insurance continuing education as part of a marketing campaign and using effective “train the trainer” programs.