How to get started?
Contact Julia Moyes, (949) 706-9453 ext.108, or Kate Rehnquist, (949) 706-9453 ext. 122; or print and fill out the Instructor Qualification form and return it to us.

Who can be approved as a CE Instructor?
Generally, any person with 2 years or more experience in the industry is able to be approved to present continuing education. Many states and regulatory agencies will allow less experience dependent on education level.

Can anyone take a Success Live CE course?
Courses are set up by our instructors to educate the people with whom they work. There are no fees for the attendees. Attendance is limited to those invited.

What materials are supplied?
We at Success Live CE provide the PowerPoint and Speaker Notes in order that you can make a seamless presentation.
For Superior CE we also provide the Self-Study materials to each attendee through our online portal.

Which classes are approved for Insurance, CFP, CPE and CLU/ChFC and MCLE?
In general, all of Success Live CE’s courses are approved for CFP, CPE and CLU/ChFC credit at the same time they are approved for insurance credit. Specific courses for clients may not have been approved for other types of credit based on the needs/request of the client company. MCLE approval is done by request.

Are Success Live CE’s courses pre-approved?
Yes, thus your wholesaling team and/or executives can begin to give courses promptly. We also offer custom course creation from your company’s specific content.

Is Success Live CE able to customize content for my company?
Yes, our curriculum team is able to take your company content and create a customized CE course for you.

How long does it take to get your new customized course content approved?
For insurance credit, the length of time to obtain approval nationally can range from three weeks to two months or more. The majority of approvals will come back within 30 to 60 days. CFP is usually approved within a month.

What is the latest a course schedule can be revised?
The revision rules vary by state. Some states require that revisions be documented and received by the same deadline as course scheduling. Other states will accept minor revisions such as time and location up to a few days before the course is given.

For those states that conduct audits, it is especially important that the time, date and location are correct. If the auditor cannot locate the class, they may deny credit for the class since they were unable to verify the class.

How often may I repeat a course?
In some states, you may repeat a course as long as it is taken during a different reporting period. However, some states will not allow a course to ever be repeated. Please call us at (949) 706-9453.

Are there specific courses which I must take to satisfy the continuing education requirement for my insurance license?
Each state is different and some require courses from a specific set of topics, such as ethics. Please check this out and make sure that you choose your courses accordingly. Please visit for approved state specific courses.

I have a non-resident license. How do I meet that state’s continuing education requirement?
Most states will honor continuing education credits from your home state through a reciprocity agreement. A non-resident agent is exempt if his/her home state requires CE. You should check with your state for your requirements.

How does the state know that I have completed my continuing education requirements?
In some states, Success Live CE will file a roster with the state. To confirm credits can take up to 30 or more days depending on the state’s ability to process information. Other states will require that you submit the certificate of completion and/or a state form for your credits.

I lost my certificate. How can I obtain a duplicate?
Call or Email our office. You can contact Success Live CE for a replacement. There is a fee for duplicates.

Can I combine classroom and self study courses to meet my CE requirements?
If the state in which you reside allows self study, then you can take self study. However there are states that limit the amount of hours you can take by self study. Please visit for state rules.

When will I receive my certificate if I attend a session?
Generally speaking, the certificate is issued at the end of the course. There may be circumstances when certificates may be issued at a later date.

What if I’ve taken a course with a name that is similar or identical to one from another CE provider?
Courses are differentiated by the course number. There are many course names that are similar or even identical, but they are with different providers and therefore may be taken as long as the course number is different.