Instructor Q & A

How can I become an approved CE Instructor?
First, fill out the Approved Instructor Qualification Information form then e-mail to [email protected] or fax it to us at (888) 409-7787. The form is available on our website and can be printed, CLICK HERE to download the form. Once we receive this form, we will review the information to determine if you meet the qualifications of the state(s) requested to be approved in.

How long does it take to get an Instructor approved?
Instructor approval can take anywhere from 30 – 60 days depending on the state(s).

How does the Instructor notify Success Live CE about delivering a class?
When you receive your Instructor Packet, a Success Live CE Course Scheduling form is included. Please fill out the form completely and fax/email it to Success Live CE. It will automatically go to the course scheduling department. If our course scheduling department has any questions, we will contact you at the phone number that you provide.

How does the Instructor know the contents of the class material prior to delivering it?
Success Live CE can send the instructor handouts and the PowerPoint presentation slides prior to delivering the workshop. All you have to do is simply request it. Typically all handouts required for the event will be shipped out to arrive 3-5 days prior to the event.

Does Success Live offer a live person who can help the Instructor with the course materials?
Yes. In fact, the most successful wholesalers delivering CE have worked closely with Bill Cooley, President, on the fine points of delivering a class. Please feel free to call him at the office, (949) 706-9453, if you would like to discuss ideas or information.

What is the advantage to a Wholesaler to deliver CE classes?
Success Live CE’s ownership have been producers, wholesalers, and National Sales Managers. We have discovered that by combining CE with visits to branches, that they were moved to the top of the Wholesaler Branch Visit list. By using this combination, the wholesaler offers quality time, CE credits, selling tips and product information. All Success Live CE handouts were designed to double and triple attendance and ultimately sales. Everyone benefits when your company presents Live CE. 

The information contained herein is subject to change by the various regulatory jurisdictions. Success Live CE makes every effort to keep all information current but on some occasions the regulatory bodies make changes and implement them either prior to or simultaneous to notifying the providers.